Good Working Conditions for Translators: A Win-Win Situation



Why expend so much time and resources on the production, design, promotion… of a product and as less as possible on conveying into another language the message itself for which the product had originally been created?

Sometimes those who are not aware of the importance a good translation has when trying to introduce their product into other cultures, think that is not worth investing too much time and resources during the translation process. Because of this, the target audience receives products, such as websites or films that are ascetically very well made, but which they do not enjoy because the written or spoken message, having been awkwardly translated, is not natural and engaging.

The more time translators have to convey all the nuances of the original message into another language, more similar will be the impact this message has on both the source and target audiences; and the better remunerated translators are for their work , the more time they will be able to devote to coming up with a translation that does justice to the original.

Offering good working conditions to translators ends up benefiting all involved in the launching of a product, from the client and the audience to the translators themselves.

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